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Program Focus

Program Focus: Text

Intergenerational in all that we do


Through intentional interactions among different age groups, we provide meaningful opportunities for close communication, sharing of feelings and ideas, as well as highly collaborative and cooperative creative activities.

Benefits of Intergenerational Programs Flow Both Ways:

When implemented correctly and intentionally, intergenerational programs can provide a multiplier effect in which both children and older adults benefit, and transformative, measurable results can be created for society as a whole.

Program Focus: Who We Are

Core Community
Building Activities

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Neighborhood Action

Children & Youth

  • Beloved Community Friends: Elementary School

  • Beloved Community Friends: Middle School

  • Early Steps: Pre-K Discovery Program


  • English Conversation with adult English language learners

  • Courageous Conversations with high school students

  • Career Clubs with high school students

Program Focus: List
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