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GBCI was founded thanks to the partnership of Asbury Methodist Village, Montgomery County, City of Gaithersburg, and Wesley Theological Seminary. GBCI continues to expand its partnerships and is inspired by the communal effort towards change in the greater Gaithersburg area. We are happy to partner with you as we endeavor together to create a stronger, more equitable community.

If you would like to connect with us, please reach out to Rebecca Cole at rebecca@gaithersburgbelovedcommunity.orgWe look forward to hearing from you.

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Community Partners

Asbury Methodist Village
Wesley Theological Seminary
City of Gaithersburg

Montgomery County Public Schools

Montgomery County Dept of Health and Human Services

Identity, Inc.
Action in Montgomery

Montgomery College

Universities at Shady Grove

Black and Brown Coalition for Education Equity and Excellence

Mujer Fuerza y Coraje

Nonprofit Montgomery

JCA Heyman Interages Center

Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy
Safe Places | Lugares Seguros | Endroits Sécurisants

American Association of University Women

Street Outreach Network

Defensores de la Cuenca

Link Generations

Housing Initiative Partnership

Community Learning Partnership

Achieving Collegiate Excellence & Success

numerous congregations in the Gaithersburg area

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